Handheld Scanners

IOSS GmbH offers handheld scanners for a wide range of applications.

The DMH100 Handheld Scanner System is and remains the ultimate allrounder amongst portable scanners.
Since the system can utilise the processing power of your PC via Firewire, multiple images can be scanned and interpreted quickly and reliably. Hence, DataMatrix codes be scanned from freshly painted, unicolour, mirrored and/or curved surfaces made of cast iron, aluminium or other materials.

As value added Reseller from ZEBRA we highly recommend for 1D- and 2D bar codes and direct part marks (DataMatrix dot-peening, DataMatrix, QR....marked by laser etching...) the DS3508 DP handheld device and DS3578 DP cordless digital scanner.

The DMH200 Handheld Scanner System is specially designed for scanning DataMatrix codes from curved, cylindrical and mirrored surfaces.

We recommend the DMH220 DPM Handheld Imager for directly marked codes in industrial applications.

The DMT100 Medical Tool Reader is specially conceived for DataMatrix codes on surgical instruments and tools.

Shank tool scanner TR100. With the TR100 reader you can decode laser marked DataMatrix codes from all sorts of tools - like holemaking tools, turning tools, milling tools.... - starting  at a diameter of just 3mm.

We will gladly loan you a powerful USB barcode or DataMatrix handheld scanner so that you can convince yourselves of the quality and speed of our handheld units!

Overview of Our Handheld Scanners:

 Barcode Imagers for industrial codes such as 1D, 2D and DataMatrix

  DMH100 Handheld DMH200 Handheld TR100 dmt100
  DMH100 DMH200 TR100 DMT100
  DMH220 Imager Handheld DS3508 DP DS3578            
  DMH220 DS3508 DP DS3578 DP Bluetooth