Software "Rated Reading"

Rated Reading of dot-peened data matrix codes

An evaluation can be carried out additionally to decoding of the code contents in the process for checking the information transferred in the case of dot peened data matrix codes. The various criteria for code evaluation allow reliable conclusions about the reproducibility of the marking processes and therefore the readability of the coding at a later date. Rated reading is therefore the ideal tool for monitoring quality criteria online during the process and for discovering possible coding reading problem at an early stage.

The criteria referred to for qualification are based on the individual dot. If the individual dot survives process-based procedures such as, for example, coatings, shot blasting, painting or other surface treatment, the entire code will also be resistant to these global processes. Further qualification characteristics are related to the dot combination such as, for example errors in the finder, in the neutral zone or in the data bits. The following table lists individual qualification characteristics of rated reading. The measured value ranges are individually parameterisable for the user. This enables him to decide and evaluate which measured variables need to be monitored closely himself. The measured values can be output formatted with the read result.

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