DPM Handheld scanner - DS3608 DP and DS3678 DP

DS3608-DP (wired) and DS3678-DP (wireless)

Extremely rugged scanners with outstanding scanning performance

As a partner of Zebra, we are offering the wired digital scanner DS3608-DP and the wireless digital scanner DS3678-DP for DPM codes as well
as 1D and 2D barcodes. The reading systems offer scanning solutions developed specifically for industrial production environments.

The advanced scanning technology enables the accurate detection and processing of directly marked codes and barcodes. The codes are
decoded within milliseconds, irrespective of their size and density, and with the wireless model DS678-DP, they are sent to the cradle
(retaining + charging station) via Bluetooth (class I version 4 / serial port and HID profiles / with ranges of up to 100 meters).
The wired system DS608-DP can be connected via USB or RS232.

An enhanced lighting module, among other things an integrated diffusor, enables the detection of codes on any type of surface, such as
reflective and curved or with low contrast.

The ergonomic and functional properties of the scanners render them an excellent candidate for scan-intense industrial applications –
particularly under tough operating conditions. The scanners are extremely rugged and the IP67 rated housing seal offers protection against
dust and splashed water.

The successful scan is indicated with an acoustic signal (with adjustable volume), bright LEDs and a vibrating motor in the handle,
allowing the user to select the most suitable option for the specific environment.

Ultimate advantages:

  • Detection of DPM markings and 1D/2D barcodes
  • Excellent motion tolerance
  • Omnidirectional scanning
  • Enhanced lighting module
  • Rugged design, capable of withstanding multiple drops onto solid concrete from a height of 2 m
  • DS3608- USB, RS232 interface
  • DS3678 Bluetooth and additionally USB, RS232 interface

Data sheet available upon request