2D-Code Verification

Quality evaluation with the stationary code systems DMR210 / DMR220 / DMR4xx

Offline and inline verification – for directly marked data matrix codes

Aside from the decoding of codes, the quality evaluation of codes plays an increasingly important role in this day and age.

The complete traceability of individual components of a product is guaranteed with the application of codes on the parts, which, in most cases, are directly applied DPM codes. However, for companies it is not only crucial that the parts are coded, but that the readability of the codes is preserved across all levels of the process chain. Reading problems are identified early and can be adjusted through verification and/or quality evaluation

Different standards exist for the evaluation of data matrix codes. For needle-embossed codes, we recommend the evaluation according to our own “rated reading” validation standard:

 Datasheet Verification

Please watch the YouTube video for the inline quality check


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