Verification according to ISO/IEC 29158

Stand alone quality check station or 100% inline checked quality

2D code verification according to standard ISO/IEC 29158:2020 (formerly AIM-DPM 2006) for direct part marking

The AIM DPM Quality Guideline of 2006 had been dedicated to the data matrix code in the directly applied form and the verification procedures and lighting requirements set forth in it were incorporated into the currently applicable standard ISO/IEC 29158.

The current standardisation status has proved useful in the practice ever since and is generally considered a significant step in the right direction.

The quality evaluation of data matrix codes presently in use (DPM) enables an objective quality assessment of the applied code information, and aims to guarantee the readability across all levels of the process chain. The standard can be used for many marking procedures, with which components are marked directly. This applies in particular to laser marking and inkjet printing, whereas the applicability for needle-embossed codes is very limited, for which the quality evaluation using the “rated reading” standard is usually a considerably better alternative.

Our reading systems DMR210 and DMR220 enable the inline decoding and verification of directly marked codes according to ISO/IEC 29158. The codes are detected with a standardised lighting scenario and the criteria evaluated individually according to ISO/IEC 29158. An overall score is determined with the inclusion of all criteria.

 The bundle for the standalone version as a data matrix code quality check station includes a tripod and the report software "Q-Report"

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