Product identity and traceability

High demands for quality, rapid design cycles, global production capacities and “just-in-time” manufacturing—these are some of the hallmarks
of today’s industrial production.

Transparency, controlled flow of goods and traceability can all be achieved using product codes.

Directly marked components are normally used in the automotive industry. Parts labelled directly with data matrix code represent an
efficiency-boosting simplification in many manufacturing processes. Especially needle-based DPM codes have proven effective wherever
components should remain identifiable across multiple processing steps and company boundaries. The codes can still be read reliably
with the IOSS reading systems, even after exposure to process steps such as coating, shot peening or enamelling. The data matrix
codes are read and evaluated INLINE, thereby guaranteeing superior quality.

We proudly recommend our 2D code scanning systems. The modular optical and lighting components in our systems make them extremely
versatile. We regularly update our outstanding decoding software so that it remains fast and reliable at high scanning rates.

Give it a test! Send us a sample. We will gladly complete a report for YOUR sample!


Overview of our Data Matrix Code Scanner:



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